UWL’s Sustainability Journey: A Step Towards Net Zero Emissions

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UWL’s Sustainability Journey: A Step Towards Net Zero Emissions

The University of West London (UWL) is on a mission to lead the charge towards net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Teaming up with Ameresco, a leader in sustainable energy solutions, UWL embarked on an ambitious decarbonization project spanning four sites across its campus.

The project focused on modernizing UWL’s infrastructure by implementing energy-efficient upgrades and integrating renewable energy sources. This included replacing outdated heating, ventilation, and lighting systems with state-of-the-art technology. The goal? To significantly reduce UWL’s carbon footprint by over 500 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Thanks to its innovative approach, the project garnered recognition at the Energy Managers Association’s (EMA) Energy Management Awards, earning the Highly Commended designation in the Decarbonization Project category.

But UWL’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. To further improve air quality in the borough, Ameresco joined forces with NIBE Energy Systems and JKN Renewables, Ltd. This collaboration saw the replacement of antiquated gas boilers with ground source heat pumps and the installation of solar panels to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution.

Funded by a £5 million grant from the government’s Public Sector Decarbonization Scheme, the project covered four sites on the UWL campus. The result? Renewable energy sources and low-emission heating and ventilation systems now power aging buildings, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

Key Highlights:

  • Replaced gas boilers with ground source heat pumps
  • Installed 580 solar PVT panels
  • Upgraded lighting fixtures

UWL’s commitment to sustainability underscores its dedication to creating a healthier, more environmentally-friendly campus and community. With each step forward, UWL is setting an example for institutions everywhere, proving that sustainability and success go hand in hand.

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