Having identified as an artist from a very early age it was inevitable Kevin attended Art College.

After completing his studies in ’96 and due to the impact of the UK miners’ strikes on the local Yorkshire economies Kevin worked in the family business for a short period. Subsequently he went back to college to study computing with a view to gaining a career in computer graphics. At that time his interest in computer graphics was cutting edge but rather than having a career in computer graphics, he found significantly more opportunities in computing. This resulted in a successful and financially rewarding career ultimately working as a principal consultant for a number of well-known international brands.

His world was turned upside down after a divorce. Fighting for and being granted full custody of his daughter, responsibility and the needs of his daughter outweighed his own aspirations. Working as a photographer for nearly as many years as his career in I.T. Kevin has been able to scratch his creative itch. Underlying everything he has experienced has been a constant need to draw and paint figurative works and portraits.

Mixing old and new Kevin has managed to embrace the techniques of old masters and apply their methods and teachings to the modern world. As a digital artist, his work calls upon their methods and beliefs applied with modern tools.




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Artist’s Statement

Artists Statment.


I am a figurative and portrait artist captivated by the beauty of the human form. I love to blur the boundaries between realism and idealism. I consider myself a realist artist who portrays my subjects as they appear in life but in their best possible light. With each new artwork, I find myself challenged technically, not only as an artist but as a storyteller too.

Over the years my love for great art and design had enabled me to focus my love of learning new skills and knowledge. From creating digital 3D models and music videos to Web design and special effects this rich tapestry of experience is now my creative foundation.

Predominantly a digital artist I explore and embrace the techniques used by old masters to capture my subjects. I work from life and use photo reference where necessary utilising my many years working as a photographer. Layering opaque colours or glazes and blending as you would oils but in a digital medium gives it hard to distinguish results from real-world paints.

As a portrait and figurative painter I feel it is necessary to not only capture a likeness but to engage the viewer in ways that cannot be accomplished with a photograph or other mediums.




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