Photographing Artwork

Photographing Artwork.No big fancy studio to photograph your artwork? Don't worry, if you can follow a few simple guidelines you should be able to accurately reproduce your work both digitally and in print.Before you even start to photograph your artwork, is your computer screen calibrated to [...]

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Bargue Plates

Bargue Plate 23. Bargue plates are used in traditional artelliers to train artist to draw. Starting with basic outlines and moving onto plates then castes (statues/busts etc). Once these are mastered then the realist artist moves on to life models to hone their craft. A lot of great masters were taught in this manor [...]

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Value Study

After attending a portrait drawing session lead by Kieran Ingram (Northern Realist Sheffield), I was shocked at how awkward a pencil felt in my hand again. At this point in time, I've spent several months making master studies using a wacom tablet and photoshop. Sure, I'm using a pen to draw/paint digitally but using [...]

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