After attending a portrait drawing session lead by Kieran Ingram (Northern Realist Sheffield), I was shocked at how awkward a pencil felt in my hand again. At this point in time, I’ve spent several months making master studies using a wacom tablet and photoshop. Sure, I’m using a pen to draw/paint digitally but using a pencil felt strange to my hand again. Prior to creating the master copies digitaly I was sketching and the transition to digital was challenging too.

So to get my hand used to the subtlety of a pencil again I decided to create a tonal range and sphere in graphite. This exercise is great to help you understand not only how to create form through valuse transitions, you get to see how your pencils perform. In my case the 4b pencil through to the 6b pencil seemed to be swapped around.

No doubt I’ll come back to this exercise time and again.