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Pizarra Calendar

Pizarra Calendar Jan-Mar 20011

The other day I was thinking about creating a desktop calendar and at the same time I was trying to think of a way to help my clients keep in touch with their clients. As a photographer I have numerous images which can be easily used for desktop wallpapers. But, which application do I use to create the layout? My first choice is Indesign but if I create a digital wallpaper how do I set the size for output to a .jpg? Easy when you know how ;)

In preferences > Units & Increments (or right click your ruler) set the ruler measurement type to points. Also, set the points/inch to 72 pts/inch.

Pizarra Calendar

Pizarra Calendar Apr-Jun 2011

Once you have made these changes you need to edit the document setup. In the width and height box’s enter your required screen sizes. When you have completed your project and are ready to export your document as a .jpg you will find the size matches your required screen size.

Because I created the layout in Indesign it is easy to swap out photos once I’m happy with design elements. You can see examples of the designs I finally settled on for Pizarra in this blog. Download the samples and you can see I only had to swap out the main photos and the months which is a simple matter of dragging and dropping from your desktop.

I hope you find this information of some use, and if you have any requirements please feel free to contact me.

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