When I was in my early twenties, not long after leaving Art College I decided to copy Rembrandt’s Old Man in Soldiers Uniform. This was pre internet and computers and I didn’t know about master copies but I seemed intuit that copying a masters painting is a great way to learn. I loved the challenge and even though I’d only used oils a few times, I was taken with them. Sadly it was the last chance I got for a long time but the feeling stayed with me.

Roll forward thirty plus years and I decided to copy this masterpiece once more. Rembrandt’s masterpiece has special meaning to me and this time around I decided to use my wacom tablet and photoshop. In my mind I’ve come full circle. A few years after leaving Art College I went back into educaton to study computing. I had planned on a career in computer graphics. Lets just say it was easier to get a job in computing that computer graphics at the time.