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I’m putting together a library of stock photos and this photo is from a recent shoot with Jade. One thing to keep in mind when shooting lifestyle/stock images is the necessity to present a situation the viewer identifies with or wants to identify with. In this case we have an attractive young woman in a modern setting relaxing and reading. Most importantly though, she projects ‘being happy’ which helps engage the viewer. It’s easy to build a mini story around her.

Jade reading - before

Jade reading – before

I’ve included the unedited photo in this post to show how an image can be quickly cleaned up and made ready for publication. Sometimes it is easy to miss a stray cable when you are shooting. In this instance it was easily fixed in post but I do advocate addressing this type of set issue on the day if you can. You will see by comparing both images I’ve made small adjustments to Jades hair and her ear. I removed the radiator, creases in her blouse and marks on her jeans. I added some glare from the sun and tweaked the colour saturation and contrast using a few layers to. Can you see any other changes? ;)

I was already aware of the window and how it was looking when I took the photo and thought I could either edit it out or enhance it. In this case I decided to remove it and give the impression of a window a little higher out of frame.

If you want to be considered for a lifestyle shoot or have access to a great location please contact me.

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