Bargue Plate 23.

Bargue plates are used in traditional artelliers to train artist to draw. Starting with basic outlines and moving onto plates then castes (statues/busts etc). Once these are mastered then the realist artist moves on to life models to hone their craft. A lot of great masters were taught in this manor but it fell out of fashion with the rise of imprssionism and abstract art etc.

You can see from a few of the photos I took during the creation of this peice how each stage of the drawing process builds taking over 35hrs to complete the final rendering.

The print I used on the easil wasn’t very good so I had to improvise by viewing a copy on my computer screen. Not ideal but it gave me a better idea of the values in the image. A top tip for training your eye while recreating these plates is to trace over the original outline and then place the tracing over your work. In this way you can see if/where your drawing is out and make corrections. Don’t just make the correction though, stand back and compair your work with the print to see where it is out. By doing this your are learning to see and make corrections ulitmately without an overlay.

You can purchase the original artwork or a giclee fineart print below.